We believe in unforced winemaking. It is our goal to intervene as little as possible, but we understand that winemaking by definition is an intervention on something that doesn’t occur in nature. We believe in letting the vintage and the vineyards guide the process, dictate what is and what is not necessary. We believe in traditional winemaking as a goal, but modern technology within ethical limits as a resource. We want our wines to be balanced, to have a sense of place and time, to tell a story, share a history, and above all else, be delicious.

All of our wines are un-inoculated (fermented without adding commercial yeast) except the Banyan Gewürztraminer. Malolactic fermentations are also spontaneous. We avoid all commercial additives. We primarily use older oak barrels. Only low doses of sulfur are added to the wines and generally as close to bottling as possible to keep the wines alive in the cellar.

Our philosophy is to pay attention to each wine and it’s individual potential. Each wine is respected, considered, and thought about. Any action on the wine needs to be justified. When in doubt, let the wine be. 

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