These vines, the land, the landscapes, habitats, life, our lives, agriculture, cycling through the seasons, and the years that pass are the groundwork for our business; the foundation that the rest is built on. The vineyards that we work with and the relationships formed around them are long-term commitments, refined over many years, sacred assets. 

Each site has been chosen, generally for many reasons including growing the right variety in the right place, but also the site’s ability to co-evolve with us and our winemaking goals. There are some sites that we have been continuously working with for fifteen years now and most for at least ten. 

Our site selections are based more on values and ethics than dollars and notoriety. 

In total, we source grapes from about 200 acres spread across Sonoma County, Mendocino, Clarksburg, Suisun Valley, Arroyo Seco, and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Of this, we lease and farm either directly (hands on) or indirectly (with contract labor and vineyard management companies under our guidance) about 70 acres. We play more of an advisory role in the other 130 acres monitoring vineyards and partnering with growers to reach our mutual goal of making high quality wines via ecological farming practices that over deliver on value. 

88% of the vineyards that we work with are farmed organically. 100% of the vineyards that we farm are farmed organically.

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