Our ideas and preferences about wine are always changing, but the core and root of what excites us is a constant. The possibility for wine to create community, to be history, to tell a story, and to transcend time and place is what enchants, captivates, and inspires us. The wines that achieve these ethereal qualities are produced by craftsmen/women with an artisan approach to growing grapes and making wines. They are Vignerons who raise their vines and wines with great thought and patience and understanding and are able to instill their wines with personality and character and a sense of place.

Though techniques vary somewhat from wine to wine, vineyard to vineyard, and vintage to vintage, our basic approach is consistent. We believe in unforced wines. We believe in making the best wine possible, but there are lines we are not willing to cross. We believe in minimal processing as a goal, but modern winemaking as an option. Stylistically, we strive for balance above all else, but varietal and geographical distinction are also goals.


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