Highlighting our 10 years in the Vecino Vineyard


When you drive into Potter Valley, everything slows down…cell phones don’t work that well, there are no traffic lights, the air is fresh, you're surrounded by natural sounds. It is a place where people work with their hands and their tractors for a living. A place to reconnect by unplugging.

Luke Miller is the owner and caretaker of Vecino Vineyard since 2003. He is a hard-working, no-nonsense, intuitive farmer, and a good friend. He approaches the vineyard with an eye on the future and the final quality of wine on his mind and has never been greedy or hasty in his decision making.

Planted in 1997, Luke has made it his life’s work to rehabilitate, improve, and sustain Vecino Vineyard. He incorporates biodynamic farming practices and is CCOF certified organic.

We started purchasing grapes from Vecino Vineyard in 2007. As a whole our wines from this vineyard show a ripeness that reflects the warm climate, but still stay light on the palate. The texture is soft and the prevailing flavor is rhubarb. Luke himself says the Folk Machine Vecino Vineyard Pinot Noir, “speaks to this place better than any wine made from here.”

Since the beginning, each vintage has had a unique name and original art. We’ve collaborated with artists that we love from all over the country who inspire us, and we’ve used the bottles as a place to have fun. In this way, the Potter Valley Pinot Noir epitomizes the idiosyncratic nature of the Folk Machine brand.

10 Years of Labels Below: 

2007 Factories and Smoke
2007 Label

2009 The Crooner

2010 Shapes / Shadows

2011 Westward Expansion (3 labels per case)

2012 Architect and Buoy

2013 My Foot Heavy on the Gas Pedal

2014 A Night in This Town

2015 The Small Hours

2016 Batten Down the Hatches the Storm is Coming

2017 Gas, Food, and Lodging - Current


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Ghostwriter, Vintage 2018 Release

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