2018 Ghostwriter Pinot Noir, Aptos Creek Vineyard, Santa Cruz County

We are unsure what the future holds for Aptos Creek. The property is for sale and it doesn't seem likely that we will continue to farm or be able to source the fruit that we have been working with since 2001. In addition, storms in 2019 brought down our deer fencing and decimating our crop. So, for now, 2018 may be our last vintage of Aptos Creek. This is particularly sad because it is arguably also our best. After almost two decades of trying to figure out how to farm the vineyard and how to make wine from it, it feels like we finally did, but just in time to see that work go away. Not to say that there weren't some other spectacular vintages, but this is special. There's a lot cranberry fruit and acid and dank musty forest floor type flavors going on. Just what you might expect and hope for from a very low elevation vineyard surrounded by Redwoods and Oaks and so close to the bay. 51 cases produced


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