2016 Folk Machine Parts & Labor Red Wine (1.5L bottles)

The fourth vintage of the Folk Machine’s red wine blend continues to fit into our ideas and hopes of what a California bistro wine can and should be. Light on it’s feet,  great with food, fun and easy to drink, and affordable.

Parts & Labor is a selection of older Calfornia vineyards and varieties from sometimes obsure and off the beaten path areas. This time it is a blend of 44% Syrah from the Biodynamically farmed Vecino Vineyard in Potter Valley, 30% Carignane from 100 year old Organically farmed vines planted in Redwood Valley, 12% Grenache from Cedar Lane in Arroyo Seco, 10% Barbera from Fox Hill in mendocino.

Each lot was brought into the winery separately and fermented in stainless steel tanks. All fermentation were uninoculated and malolactics proceeded spontaneously. The base blend was made in December and the final blend was made before bottling.  Aged 69% in stainless steel tanks, 19% in Foudre, and 12. bottled in April of 2016.

The Label and carton were created by Sara Rosenstock of Just a Jar Design and Press based in Ohio. I really enjoy her art and originally asked her to create the Simple Machine label. I wanted to keep Parts & Labor in the same spirit with the same sensibility so again asked Sara to design the label. The name still pretty much speaks for itself. This wine is about not making something more complicated than it needs to be to get the job done.

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