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Through March, grab a packet of seeds ($4 value!) with every bottle of wine purchased.  Write yo...
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Through March, grab a packet of seeds ($4 value!) with every bottle of wine purchased.  Write your selections in the "notes" at check out and be sure to use the code SEEDS for FREE shipping! Happy Spring! 

Purple Dove Bean
The seeds, flowers and pods of this heirloom plant are all purple!   This tender and delicious snap bean likes full sun and should be harvested when pods are about 5 inches long.  It grows vigorously in the garden, and while these are considered bush beans, they do prefer a bit of staking for support, as they have a tendency to run.  Plant seeds 3-6 inches apart.  

Black Coco Bean
Black Coco is much larger, oval round and very shiny compared to other black dry beans. Although it is said to be a good snap green bean, the pods quickly become tough and stringy once they mature. It is very good for making a rich flavored black bean soup. This variety is early maturing and grows on an upright, strong bushy plant.

Double Martian Red Corn
80 to 100 days — The stalks, leaves, and cobs of 'Double Red' sweet corn are beautifully colored in hues of purple and reach six to seven feet tall. Producing two ears per stalk, the kernels are an intense, antioxidant rich, anthocyanin-dense, purple color. Harvested young, at about eighty days, it is a sweet and tasty fresh eating ear. It can also be allowed to reach the dry stage and ground into a quality, sweet tasting, cornmeal or flour.

White Stallion Cucumber
A crunchy sweet white cucumber that's excellent for salads and even pickling. Provide a trellis for it to save space in the garden. Transplant in May or direct seed 2 seeds every 12 inches into well amended soils. Provide consistent water throughout the summer. Harvest while small, 4 -6 inches. 

Parisian Gherkin Cucumber
Best picked at just 2 to 4 inches long, they have texture, grip, and bite. Very crisp and flavorful, they are a delectable treat raw or sliced, but have been labeled gherkins because they hold up so well to pickling, and make the perfect little pickles for gourmet occasions as well as everyday noshing. Direct-sow seeds in a sunny spot after all danger of frost is past, or start indoors and transplant when the first true leaf appears. Cucumbers can be allowed to grow on the ground, but for longer, straighter fruit and to save garden space, grow them in a cage or on a trellis, allowing 1 foot between plants. Keep them well watered, and keep the fruits picked promptly.

Apollo Arugula
This improved Dutch strain of garden arugula is noted for its lack of bitterness and its spicy, large, rounded leaves, which are high in vitamin C. This variety can be harvested three to five times per sowing, functioning like a cut-and-come again crop.

Yukina Savoy, Asian green
This dark green spoon-leafed Asian green is very similar to Tatsoi but with larger leaves and more savoyed texture. Yukina Savoy is one of the best mild mustards out there, as it works well as both a salad green when small, and sauté green when larger. Stems are a light green and pleasantly crunchy, almost like small pak choi stems. More heat resistant than other mustards and relatively slow to bolt.

Marigold, Shades of Gold:
Marigolds are a favorite, no-fuss annual that can bring the color of sunshine to your garden, as well as butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and other beneficial insects. Give them full sun and some well-draining soil and watch them bloom from late spring until fall.  Not to mention, marigolds are a great companion in your vegetable garden and can help protect your veggies from predators and pests.  Plants can grow 3-5 ft tall  and produce large flowers, ranging in color from lemony yellow to bold gold and deep orange.  These flowers are also great for natural dying.  

Hopi Dye Sunflower
A traditional dye crop developed and selected for generations by Hopi farmers who used the dark black seeds to produce a purple or gray dye for wool and baskets. Stalks grow to 6-12’ tall depending on fertility and spacing.  Produces a large main flower at the top of the stalk up to 12” across. 65 days to flower and 100 days to mature seeds. 


Bohemian Cilantro
Cilantro is a double duty herb. Its seeds are known as coriander and its leaves are known as cilantro. This is a plant that can be in either sun or shade, so it's very easy to place in the garden. However, the placement is going to depend on the climate. If you have very hot summers, keep the plants in the shade so they don't go to seed too quickly. Full sun is perfect for mild summers or until the temperatures begin to rise. Cilantro likes well-drained, rich soil. It will bolt and turn bitter if grown at temperatures higher than 75 F, so plant it after the frost has passed, and continue sowing it throughout the summer.

Padron Peppers
Gourmet gardeners will love these hard-to-find, authentic, Spanish Padron peppers.  Picked small, then quickly sizzled in fruity olive oil, Padron peppers are among the most delicious and traditional "Tapas" appetizers in Spain. Once you taste the savory little mouthfuls, you are guaranteed to want more!  The tapered fruits grow abundantly on vigorous plants that bear both early and for an extremely long season. They are mild in flavor although about 1 out of 1- are wildly hot.  Plants can get as large as 18-24 inches tall.  Make sure to space plants about 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet apart so your peppers will grow to their fullest potential. 

Shishito Peppers
Padron peppers and shishito peppers are not the same. Shishitos look similar to Padron peppers and are prepared in a similar manner. However, shishito peppers have a more wrinkled shape and are less spicy than Padrons.  Shishito peppers are a Japanese heirloom pepper variety with a crisp fruity sweet pepper flavor and just a tiny hint of heat and smokiness that is brought out by cooking them. Plants can get as large as 18-24 inches tall.  Make sure to space plants about 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet apart so your peppers will grow to their fullest potential.

French Breakfast Radish
This attractive French variety produces radishes with an oblong, blunt-tipped shape. Noted for their superior flavor; enjoy them raw or butter-poached. The 1-2" long radishes are ready to harvest in 26 days. For best texture, harvest when the radishes are young and tender.

Costata Romanesco Summer Squash
Costata Romanesco is a summer squash that demands plenty of room in the garden. This Italian heirloom Wins every taste test with its unique, slightly nutty flavor and exceptional texture. Fruits are tender, gray-green skin and prominent ribbing that give this variety a distinctive appearance. Pick at 6" or smaller and fry whole with the flower still attached. These squash flowers are perfect for stuffing and used in many culinary dishes.


Bohemian Seeds: 
Bohemian Seeds is a women-operated Farmers' Collective.  They grow, sell and distribute a diversified stock of seed for home use, bulk orders and seed banking. 
Contact Bohemian Seeds at for more 2021 seed offerings. Looking for flowers? Contact  Bohemian Flowers.


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